Hello, sleep. I miss you.


Here at the house (and yard) of Morris we are surviving. I keep meaning to sit down, upload all of the photos for the posts this week, and finish the posts, but Kanga Rose has other plans for us right now.

The semester is over and I have meetings this week, so I went to work for a few hours and left Chris and Kanga at home together. I was as efficient as possible at work and did a bit of quick grocery shopping as we did not manage to prepare well food-wise for the week. I was super happy to return home to the both of them curled up on the couch napping.



Napping and going for walks in the park are what we do best right now. Digging in the yard and trying to eat everything possible – yeah, that stuff too, but those activities fall on the problematic side of the scale.

Fashion Friday – Watercolors and Floral

My wardrobe staples are of a fairly consistent palate – black, white, brown, gray, and denim. I love pops of oranges, reds, and blues, but overall I keep things pretty simple and structured. I love shopping and I love dressing up, but day-to-day that does not happen nearly enough. For whatever reason this week, I have been really attracted to watercolors, florals, and more ethereal fabrics – not my normal bailiwick, but I am going with it. Perhaps it is the lengthening of the days and knowing that summer is just around the corner, but I find myself wanting to slip out of my jeans and twirl around in a lovely, soft, playful, and gorgeously feminine dress or pouffy skirt.

Badgley Mischka Women’s Strapless Floral-Print Gown

Alice + Olivia Chantal Floral-Print Sleeveless Gown

Rag and Bones Finds – Vintage Skirt

Kay Unger – Floral Halter Ball Gown

Black Halo – Jackie O Dress

I have wanted a Black Halo Jackie O dress for years. Years upon years upon years. I think they are the epitome of feminine, power business chic. The floral makes it a big more playful and says cocktails more than boardroom, but still, I would invite it into my closet.

Sproullie Designs – Watercolor Save the Date

And given this invitation above, I will don any of these dresses to make it to your fab party or wedding and match the invite created by Sprouille Designs. Have a lovely weekend and, if you can, go twirl about and enjoy something a bit playful and frilly.

Celebrating the End of the Whole30

Farm to table Pig from One Canoe Two

On Friday evening a bunch of us at Rocket Crossfit will be finishing up the spring/summer Whole30 Challenge. Throughout this challenge I have been looking for appropriate cards to send to people. If one can’t even celebrate life or get through the rough times with a bit of wine, chocolate, or a damn cupcake, then the least you can do is send a card!

Paleo Dinosaur Card from Just Jen Designs


Pig Greeting Card – Have a Gander UK

The last month of the challenge has been rewarding and so much more bearable because of all of the amazing people from the gym who have been sharing their food and experiences day-in-and-day-out. I look forward to doing this again, but I am also really look forward to celebrating the end with a bit of pizza and root beer with my husband – I have missed our Friday night pizza dates – and maybe a cupcake (from stuffed cakes in West Seattle because they are truly amazing).

Awesome Cards In Surprising Places

A couple of weekends ago I was in my local PCC Market picking up a few things. I was not in a rush and so I actually stopped to look at the cards section there.  I had never really given it much of a thought before, but of all the markets I should have guessed that PCC would have a decent card section which supports many local artists.

I came across several cards from Portland’s P.Flynn Design, Inc.



I think that this one above would make for a great graduation card. Overall, I just really like the elegant aesthetic of Flynn’s cards.

Seattle’s own Ganapati Studios was also well represented. I am a sucker for vintage paper ephemera, so their fun and playful designs are right up my alley.

I might have to get this card for Amy at some point.


Peonies are some of my favorite flowers.


The baby on this card reminds me of the one that the goblins stole in the Maurice Sendak book Outside Over There.  As a  kid that book scared me so much, but it scared me in a way that made me keep coming back to it. I read that book over and over and over again.

I must admit, I was really surprised by just how good the card section happens to be at PCC. Given that we lack a proper stationary store in the South End of Seattle, I now know where I can run for a card if I am in a pinch. Thank you, PCC, for supporting awesome artists, creators, designers, and those of us perpetually in need of cards in the Pacific Northwest!


52 Letters Project – Happy Birthday, Mommy! (5 of 52)

This week’s card is for my mommy!  This coming weekend is my mother’s birthday. Unfortunately we won’t be celebrating with her on her exact birthday as I can’t get away from work quite yet and her hat shop keeps her very busy, but we will be seeing her soon.  Still, I wanted to send her a Happy Birthday greeting from us.

The process of sending out birthday, holiday, and sympathy cards from our household is as follows: 1.) Rachel finds the cards. 2.) Rachel write out the cards. 3.) Rachel addresses the cards, affixes postage, and return address information. 4.) Rachel chases Chris around until he signs the cards.  5.) Cards are then mailed.  This entire process takes a ridiculously long period of time.

I am fine with the fact that I am responsible for the all of the correspondence in our household – it is just one of the many divisions of labor in our household that happen to work for us. The process of it, however, amuses me to no end. Chris can sit at a table working away with the cards there for days and not sign them; where as I like fully completing tasks – having fully addressed un-mailed cards around the house makes me antsy. Also, even though he does not shop for cards, he has very distinct feelings about cards: No Glitter!  Our christmas cards two years ago had some glitter on them and he will never let me live down what that glitter did to our dining room table.




CARD: Lucca Paperworks – Dog on Bike

PEN: Unibal Vision Elite Micro – Black (my favorite, go-to every-day pen)

POSTAGE: Garden of Love (USA – Forever Stamp 2011)

My mom is a pretty awesome lady. In the years when she could have been thinking about retiring she decided to reach for her dream of becoming a hat maker. After apprenticing she bought a business and now she makes custom, handmade and hand-built hats for clients all over the world, for movies, and for cowboys and ranchers. I love going to Pendleton, Oregon to hang out in her shop and see her work. I am glad that she has found her passion and gets to live it. That in and of itself is inspirational. Happy Birthday, Mommy! (glitter not included)


This letter is a part of the 52 Letters Project. If you would like to be a part of the project or a project sponsor or partner, please reach out to me via the contact page

Fashion Friday – Celebrating Summer

There is very little that is “hippie” about my husband. Yes, he may love to cycle to work and get very particular about where his organic kale comes from, but really if you meet him on the street there is nothing about him that screams hippie. So I must admit that I was a bit surprised a few years ago to find out how much he loves and looks forward to celebrating the summer and winter solstices each year.

I began to understand his thinking more when I moved to Seattle in the month of June and got to experience my first summer solstice here a few years ago. My goodness!  It stays light here until almost 11pm!!!  It is truly amazing, and it is one of the many reasons I am fine with no longer being a New Englander.  Now that we are back in Seattle, I am really looking forward to celebrating the first day of summer together. Certainly that occasion calls for a great date-night outfit!


I love pairing a fun and flirty dress and sandals with a jacket with a bit of edge. Plus I always love the contrast of silk and leather. Yes, summer may soon be here in Seattle, but one can always use a jacket for the nights do still get chilly.

This year I have no idea where we will go or what we will do to celebrate the longest day of the year, but I can’t wait to have a special night out with my favorite man.

 1. Anthropologie – Dip-Dyed Tulip Dress // 2. Kork Ease Ava  // 3. Burberry Prorsum Double Breasted Leather Jacket

Where I Write – Desks

I have been in such high demand this week at work that I nearly hid in a bathroom stall yesterday to get some peace and quiet and to actually get work done. However, I figured that would have been rather gauche, so I just continued to smile, nod, and scramble furiously whenever I had a few free, quiet minutes to myself. My work space is rarely if ever quiet, so there are moments in which I find myself fantasizing about my dream office, in particular my dream desk.


For me, no matter what the desk must be wood. Something with a grain, but perfectly well finished and smooth. Of course a beauty like this one above would necessitate a blotter.


There is something about this desk that reminds me of my childhood. The quarter sawn oak, the shape of the drawer pulls, or the curve of the middle drawer – I am not sure. But with a bit more love and a slightly darker stain – this would be the place for me to get lost in my writing.


Why yes, I would take up an entire library table all by myself. Okay, maybe if you are nice and quiet we could share. Bonus if you bring snacks.

Travels and Postcards

I have mixed feelings about travel. I both love it and hate it. I love going to new places. but the packing and arranging of everything makes me stressed. And oh yeah, did you make sure that we made the bed, turned off everything, and unplugged all electronics before leaving the house? Good. Okay.

But one aspect of travel that I do love is picking up post cards along the way and mailing them back to friends. Living overseas for a year was very helpful in this regard, for we got to venture to a bunch of new an exotic places during that time.  Since we have returned to the U.S. we aren’t doing as much international traveling these days, but when we get away, Chris knows that I will make sure that we stop somewhere to pick up a few cards to send to friends and family.

A few weeks ago we went on our inaugural camping trip. We drove down to Long Beach, Washington and camped about 250 feet from the ocean.  It was lovely.  Chilly, but lovely.  IMG_3209



The card was rather cheesy as is typical of the more touristy traps that line the streets of beach towns, but I was happy to find something to send to a friend.